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  1. March 27 2021
    Electronic jam feat. remix by flavien13 on Vocals Track # 214035
    Your Undulating Heart
    by DanDiplo & flavien13
  2. January 25 2021
    Folk jam feat. remix by flavien13 on Vocals Track # 209070
    oh those whistling fermions
    by hartmut & flavien13
  3. January 24 2021
    Rock jam feat. remix by flavien13 on Vocals Track # 208981
    Five Minutes Into Mexico


Live in Washington State ten years now, about fifty miles south of seattle. been working on some novels too many years, poems and short stories. no instruments yet, but i have for several decades loved to mix music, on cassettes, then cd's, now mp'3, which actually allows me to do longer mixes, which i make now to play in my store, including some stuff i have found here (i hope no one minds). no fancy equipment, not professionally, but it is a passion. my cousin jeanpaul66 in italy turned me onto wikiloops, and, whether or not i actually participate, i really like the encouragement everyone gives each other.

10-18-20 i know this is a musicians' site, but i feel like it's also an outlet for my writing as well. i love the inspiration i get from different pieces, from one musician to many. it's a bit addictive... but i like it.

11-1-20 i'm working on my mom's memoirs, sad stuff much of the time and hard to write, this really gives me a break to have some other creative outlet and to have fun. thanks everyone.


mom gave me an esteban guitar quite a few years ago, but not before my left index finger stopped bending at the first joint, and i just haven't gotten a chance to do anything serious with it yet. (when i was a kid the instructions to play my plastic guitar was just greek to me!) i also have a casio keyboard that i haven't done anything with either, but i got a start with a couple of piano lessons years ago. i'll get there.


November 5 1958

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