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You would like to present a music-making-related brand or service?
Meet our core community of homerecording people and
the practising musicians who visit wikiloops to find hand-played jamtracks.
If beginning and amateur musicians are your target audience, here they are,
having fun on wikiloops.

Be our honored sponsor

Appearing as a sponsor will let your logo appear with an SEO-relevant link.
Sponsors are displayed site-wide across all subdomains of wikiloops in the reserved sponsor-spots,
where they appear either in rotation with others or permanently,
depending on your choice and budget.
In difference to advertising customers, our sponsors are asked to contribute a fixed monthly fee
to help us maintain wikiloops.com.
Sounds interesting?
Get in touch with Richard by email to rkaiser [at] wikiloops.com.

Banner advertising on wikiloops

If you would like to place banner ads on wikiloops, we are happy to set up your campaign.
wikiloops serves around 700.000 monthly banner impressions in the common formats,
which we are offering by fixed cost-per-impression rates.
Interested to advertise?
Get in touch with Richard by email to rkaiser [at] wikiloops.com.

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